Monday, January 21, 2013

Mind Code Architecture©: Powerful Perspective for Positive Change

New Perception on Improving Self

There is a new method of discovering what is stopping a person from achieving or getting what he or she wants out of life. This method is called mind code architecture©. 

Mind code architecture© helps a person to identify how they have been coded, positively or negatively, throughout his or her life. All experiences a person has cause him or her to form  a coded message which embeds in the subconscious. These code in their mind that govern how a person will react in any life event. Mind code architecture© is the way to recognize one's code and then identify whether messages in the code are motivator or barrier to what they person want and then offer a path to shift the code.

Mind Code Definition

Mind code by definition is a systematic collection of subconscious instructions, principles and rules that run constantly in the deep part of a mind (background - subconscious) that monitors, governs, influences and dictates the way a person's will react (foreground- conscious) on all levels (mentally, emotionally, behaviorally, physically, spiritually and environmentally). Mind code either supports or blocks the course of a person's life.

Life Story

I attend a presentation given by my Life Coaching mentor. Whenever I have an opportunity to hear him teach I take the blessing and make the effort. His topic was on "attaining goals". He stated that he believes that the mind stands in a person's way of achieving what he or she wants. While he was talking about what blocks people from achieving goals, he asked for a volunteer to share a goal. A silence went over the crowd and not took the opportunity. Then a middle aged man in the audience next to me raised his hand. "I will share." As the man was sharing his story about his attempts at reaching his goal. He stated that he had worked very hard for many years. He disclosed that he had even had coaching with my mentor to complete his goal, along with other methods and to date he had not attained the goal yet. As he went through his story, I had this overwhelming sense of what his barrier was and a piece of code flashed across my mental screen. I felt it was one small message that had forged its way into his mind code at younger age. 

I had never been so bold to do this before, but I wrote it down on the back of my business card and turned it face down as to not lose it and focused back on the presentation. The coded message I wrote was - "my dreams are not important".

At the conclusion of the presentation, I tapped the gentleman on the shoulder, introduced myself and said "I believe I know what your block is to attaining your goal. Do you mind if I share it with you." He said "please do." I briefly told him about mind code and how it can be a barrier to achieving life goals. I then turn over my business card,  and said "does this ring a bell in your mind?" He took it and read the message - "my dreams are not important" . His eyes grew in size, he paused and then said "I can't believe this. My father told me these exact words when I was 16 years old and I told my father my dream was to become one of the most famous drummers in the world. His father laughed and said "your dream is not important. That is ridiculous. You need and will go to law school." 

The gentleman looked down, tears rolled down his cheeks and stated "I obeyed my father, dropped my dream and I went to law school like I was told." 
He continued saying "from that day on my dream slipped farther and farther away from me. Years later, after an unfulfilled and unhappy career, I decided to attempt to go after my dream once more. Even though I gave it my all. My efforts were not good enough. Something kept me from my dream and I never knew what." 

I told him to think about the message and that his block could be removed. He thanked me and stated that what I shared helped to realize his block and that not being able to achieve it was not his fault. It was a great sharing experience for me and pay forward experience.

Take Away

Does a person have the ability to change his or her own mind code? Yes, a human does have the ability to change their code if given the right tool and knowledge.

             "Change your mind code and change you"


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  1. I know with this understanding I have the ability to change my mind code. Thank you for giving this gift of understanding the block we alll face to really living the life we really want without doubts or fear

    1. Thank you for your comment. Doubts and fears do not serve us because we are not aware what drives our thoughts, feeling and reactions. Well it is our mind code deep inside our subconscious who we are and how we react. Blessings, Dr. Bill

  2. that has been my guide for many, many years. Believing in self has lowered my fear levels, letting go and taking chances based on now has made life so much more enjoyable. Still have a lot to work on but now that I have accepted I am moving forward.


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