Saturday, February 28, 2015

Guest Blog Testimonial on 30 Day Mind Challenge

Hello, my Name is Judy Lee Thurber and I completed Dr. Bill 30 Day Mind Challenge.

"In one month my mind script changed. My thoughts have changed for the good. I am changed for the better. I finally feel like I can take in a breath of air."

Before working with the 30-Day Challenge, I could tell that I had internal roadblocks and barriers to the good stuff in life ... like having a healthy body, fulfilling peaceful relationships, a calm mind and feeling of purpose in my soul. I wanted those things like a drowning person wants air but didn't feel allowed to deserve it. I understood that I felt like I didn't deserve these things or that I wasn't worthy, and that's why they never manifested in my life no matter how hard I would try.

The problem was that I didn't know how to actually make this change. I could see where I was ... didn't know the root of it … and I could see where I wanted to be. I could not figure out how to get from Point A to Point B. I even thought God had deserted me because no amount of prayer was making a difference.

However, that prayer was answered ... in the form of Dr. Bill Tollefson and this 30 Day Mind Challenge. When I started to understand the consequences of the abuse from my childhood, I realized that I truly had no foundation to my life. Everything on which I had built my life was nothing but rubble. Well-meaning friends would tell me to just put it behind me and move on. They would remind me that I was smart and full of faith - surely I could deal with making these changes. They would tell me that I just needed to use a little more will power and discipline. The more I tried, the further I went away from it, the more I failed, and the more disheartened I became. I continuously wondered what was wrong with me.

The 30 Day Challenge gave me the tools for creating a new foundation ... block by block. When I looked back on the negative core beliefs and core expectations I had, it is truly amazing that I even accomplished anything in my life. Surprising I survived at all. Now with this step-by-step product for creating new core beliefs, core values and core expectations, I built a new foundation for a new life that I choose, I created, which now serves my goals and brings me closer to my dreams. I am now able to accept the tools for creating a healthy body, fulfilling relationships, a calm and productive mind, and a feeling of purpose and self-love in my heart.

The proof is in the pudding ... my two teenage sons actually choose to spend time with me now. We get along with each other and have fun together. I now know that God never deserted me. I just needed to reach out and embrace the tools He was giving me and put them to use in my life. I truly have a life filled with Love and Gratitude now.

"Thanks Dr. Bill for giving me a product that showed me how to get me back. You are truly a Positive Mind Architect." - Judy Lee

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Friday, February 13, 2015

4 Tips on Hacking Your Mind for Positive Results

What are you saying to yourself?

You are probably experiencing negative thinking on a daily basis. Some days it is mild and on other days it is more severe. Is your negative thinking limiting you?

Most negative thinking is an attempt block or avoid negative thinking by initiating “if only thinking”. If only thinking is an attempt to project into the future and stay out of your present. You start in this style of thinking to avoid having to make decisions in the moment. Otherwise meaning this type of thinking is an advance way of second guessing yourself and what is happening in your life. An advantage of if only thinking is that it keeps you out of the moment, away from negative thoughts, stops your feelings and gets you into the future.

What is “If Only Thinking”?

To help you understand better and become more mindful of such thinking, here is a definition. Basically the definition “if only thinking” is thinking that projects you into the future where you will get something or someone you want (because you are not getting it now) and produce an action (happiness, fulfillment or success).

So how does “if only thinking” work in your mind

Say you are in a situation, relationship or job where you are not getting you what you want and possibly unhappy. You have to make a decision of what you want, to do or feel. To avoid it you make a false intention to yourself, like “if I only would get X (could be something or someone) then I would be the happiest person in the world.” You work very hard to get that something or someone in your life.  You actually do work hard and get X. Once you get X you find out that it does not automatically change your situation, your feelings, your behavior or situation. You realize is nothing changed like you expected. At the same time you are told by someone close to you, “well you are so lucky that you got X, you should be the happiest you have ever been?” Inside yourself, you know the answer is “No, I am not”.

At that point your “if only thinking” kicks in again and your mind feeds you another false proposition, if you got Y, then you would attain the real answer. Now you really over expect and quietly bet on Y being the answer. Once more you work very hard to achieve Y, and you do achieve Y. But again you discover Y does not fulfill your inner need or expectation.

Since Y is not the answer and extreme disappointed sets in. Your mind then searches wildly into a possible future scenario. Amazingly your mind comes up with another false scheme. Suddenly you know that X and Y were not the real answer but now, for sure, Z is what will make you will make you content, peaceful, gratified and prosperous. You put in all the effort you can muster up and accomplish Z. The result is having Z is still not your answer. You remain unhappy, unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

Without answer your mind consequently continues on and on in this type of diluted thinking cycle. Meanwhile you are totally losing and missing what is in front of you in the moment.

What if you could hack into your thoughts?

Hacking is the art of being able to break into something. For the purpose of this article Hacking is the skill of breaking into your thinking source code.

4 Tips on Hacking your Mind for Positive Results

Is it possible? Yes it is. In order to hack into your own thoughts first you need to stop doing what you are doing. Get in a comfortable position and take two deep breaths (all the way in and exhale completely). By stopping all distractions you will be able to increase your ability to focus and get into harmony with your thoughts. As long as you are inattentive to your thoughts, taking your thoughts for granted and as the truth, then you cannot help but be swallowed up by the diluted thinking that your answers are in the future and not in the moment.

1. Create a new mindset

Do not take your thoughts for granted or believe that you are powerless to change them. 

You have the ability to change your thoughts once you know if the focus of your thoughts are mainly centered on your past, your moment or your future. The most power way to change your thoughts is to change your mindset.

2. Don't invest into false possibilities

Don't be swayed into a false beliefs or untrue possibilities which cause you to over expect. 99% of all predicting thoughts of what you think might happen in the future (good or bad) do not come true. You're predicting thoughts are not true reflection of what will happen in the future and the positive outcomes you want.

The best way to hack into your own thinking and not coming swayed by this type of thinking is to not take your thinking personally. Once you are depersonalized from your thinking you can be more efficient in hacking and changing your thinking. You do this by imagining you are viewing your thinking by being another person looking in on your own mind. “If only thinking” can be so real, enticing and alluring that you get into a false sense of excitement, possibility and gratification. Unfortunately, none of the promises from this form of thinking ever come true.

3. Be real, not emotionally connected

Now view your thoughts from an impersonal mindset. It will allow you to be able to step back mentally with more objectiveness and less emotional charge tied to your thinking. Once you are less emotionally attached you will reduce the influence your thinking has over you.

Imagine your “if only thinking” has its own body and mind. Pretend this person is talking to you and attempting to convince you “if only you would (buy, feel, do….) then your life would be perfect”. Once you have this objectiveness set up in your mind, then spend a day talking to this person. Guaranteed you will want to completely separate yourself from this person (a.k.a. the thinking) by the end of the day because nothing that this person is saying ever comes true.

If only thinking” has far less impact on your actions, emotions, mindset or future outcomes than you would like to think. If you do not allow it to have power it won’t. If you're willing to be objective and monitor the content of all your thoughts, you will be able to successfully hack into your thinking, shut down the “if only thinking” and negative thoughts as well as gain clarity of all the good things in life in the moment. Having gratitude for what you have in the moment is always better and healthier than betting on a prediction that will never happen.

4. Gain Mindfulness

Lastly, you should begin the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is being able to stay focused on what is occurring in the moment. Mindfulness is having no judgment, no thoughts and no meaning. It’s simply focusing in the moment.  

Simply focus on the moment. Now is all you truly have. Don’t lose it. Embrace it.  

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