Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Searching for Positive Change

All of us want to make a positive change. Making a positive change can happen but it has to begin with changing the core beliefs that have formed throughout our lives without our knowledge. The number one core belief is "I am not good enough". If core beliefs are not changed then we will not be able to change.

I have written many articles on core beliefs and the power they have over how we function every day. Core beliefs reside deep within our subconscious and carry a lot of influence on our thoughts, emotional reactions and behavior. If a person's core beliefs are negative or self defeating then we tend to keep us stuck with no movement in our lives. If our core beliefs are positive then they motivate us toward success.

Here is 5 tips to help you get started in making a positive change. These tips will help you to heal and shift core beliefs from being a barrier to becoming a positive driving force.

Recognize. First and foremost, recognize that you carry core beliefs about yourself that have rooted in your subconscious and that they have taken a lifetime to form. Be kind and gentle with yourself as you explore your own beliefs. Recognizing a core belief doesn't mean that you have to like it or that it is true, it just is a part of you belief system. Don't underestimate the influence they have over your life. Once triggered by a current event, a core belief will surface into your conscious and drive how you react in thoughts, feelings or actions

Identify. When you have a strong reaction to something or someone, ask yourself “why?", "does this current event remind me of an event I experienced in the past?", then ask "what was the message that event caused me to form a belief about me?” Once you identify the core belief, begin a working list. Once you have accumulated a list of your core beliefs then determine if each is a barrier or a motivator in your life. Next to each core belief that is a barrier, create a new belief that you want to replace it with.

Reduce Reaction. Understand your first reaction may be to push the belief away out of your conscious awareness; or to feel guilty for believing that of yourself. Or ashamed that you are still holding on to this belief all that time. Anytime you try to force away a belief, it is like fueling a flame. The belief will grow stronger and will begin to loop in your mind. The associated feeling will intensify and begins to cause physical reactions. Sit quietly and attune to both. Acceptance of both, the belief and associated feeling, will reduce their power. Within 10 minutes, both will lose its power significantly.

Shifting. Close your eyes, mentally visualize each barrier core belief one at a time in your mind, erase it and then visualize the new core belief you created in the same spot. Verbally commit to it and open your eyes. The close your eyes and repeat the procedure with each barrier core belief until you finish the list..

Practice. Now to get the new list firmly embedded into your unconsciousness, repeat the new list of core beliefs, positive messages about you, at least 5 times a day everyday for 90 days. In 90 days, your new positive core belief list will be rooted into your subconscious and will influence a new way of thinking, emotional reaction and behavior.


  1. Great information and very well written. I appreciate the specific steps on how to make a positive change and the encouragement to do so.

  2. Just like the old affirmation game I hated so much that u taught me...but it did work! Thks Dr Bill!

  3. Wysley64 - Best way to make a positive change in one's life is through specific information. I am happy you found this blog useful. Blessings ~ Dr Bill

  4. Suz you are very welcome, but this process works and it can be done quickly. The old affirmations were too many and took too long and no one could complete the task to get the right affect. Blessings, Dr Bill

  5. When reading this my mind pictured the rubble I sometimes plod through....but the last image was a happier me.

  6. Sharon - Thank you for reading and making a comment.


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