Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Life: Searching for an Answer

"Life doesn't happen to you in fact it happens for you" 

It seems that events that happen in our lives feels negative, bad or overwhelming at the moment they happen. But there is always a reason for each life event that we experience. 

Sometimes it seems like your life falls apart in an instance and all we worked for is gone. you tend to get stuck in resentments.

Down the road, after situations have past, and the hurt diminishes over time if you do not feed it with intense focus or you see a new picture. When all the pieces come together a whole understanding is revealed from within.

It could be a change in a relationship, a loss of a job or catastrophic disaster. Initially there seems like there is no reason but it is meant to drive us into a new direction. Do not close ourselves off to the possibility of a new direction and greater success. Think maybe there is a new door that opens.

What is possible?

When events happen, slow down, listen inwardly, resist self-limiting beliefs, negative looping thoughts and the feeling of being wronged. Rather seek the message that the universe is serving up to you. Tough experiences make us stronger and gives us a new focus when we look at the possibilities.


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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Positive Change: How to get the brain to change the way it works

Let's face it … life can be disappointing if you are not happy with the way you think, act, feel or react.
It takes an incredible amount of energy to get up every morning and go through an entire day with someone you don't like … You! This would explain why you feel tired all the time.
It is really hard to cope with not wanting to live in your own life, and self-judgment will creep in.
Negative thoughts over take your mind, and you find yourself looping constantly through a cycle of thoughts: “If only I had … I should have … I could have...I am not good enough."  

Looping negative thoughts can cause a thought addiction and become the gateway into other addictions.
It can be overwhelming to always have a sense of separation from yourself or having feelings of emptiness in life.

Trust me, I know how you feel.

My entire life I was consumed with worry, fear and anxiety.  I was so unhappy with my life. My total focus was on how I was not performing up to expectations. While always worrying about what might happen in the future, I lost the good things occurring in the present moment.
I felt out of control and disappointed with me. I didn't know why.

The cloud over my head just wouldn't go away.

Then, I found out about mental coding. I’m not talking about the computer type of source code, but rather the type of code which controlled my brain.

In the background of everyone's mind, there is code running. You might say this code is more like rules, regulations or laws that govern how a person will act, think or feel.

I researched this idea, but I did not find much. However, I did find a real life example through an unrelated experience.

I was working with a Web Developer, and there were two large monitors in front of me. On one monitor, the computer source code for my new website was displayed. The other monitor displayed the actual website as it would be seen on the Internet. The source code told the computer what to display on the other monitor down to the smallest detail. When the Web Developer would change a symbol on the source code monitor, the other monitor would instantly change, too. This was just like looking at the conscious and the subconscious mind, and I gained clarity on how the brain responds in the same way.

Is it possible that the brain’s code regulates actions, thoughts and feelings?

Actually, the brain does work by the same procedure. The code running in our subconscious (background) determines and influences how we function in our daily activities (foreground).

Our brain code is written throughout our whole life without our even being aware it is happening. Our beliefs, values, expectations, ethics, morals, rules, standards ... these rules (or as I see it, our personal philosophy) manifests in our reactions.

I have developed a new method to help you recognize your code, determine whether it is good  motivating code or bad limiting code, then how to rewrite the code according to your own design. This works extremely well. Change your code, and you change your world … inside and out.

So there you have it!  Read my blog on "Searching for Positive Change" below, and discover 5 tips to help you accomplish a shift in your mental code.
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