Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Life: Searching for an Answer

"Life doesn't happen to you in fact it happens for you" 

It seems that events that happen in our lives feels negative, bad or overwhelming at the moment they happen. But there is always a reason for each life event that we experience. 

Sometimes it seems like your life falls apart in an instance and all we worked for is gone. you tend to get stuck in resentments.

Down the road, after situations have past, and the hurt diminishes over time if you do not feed it with intense focus or you see a new picture. When all the pieces come together a whole understanding is revealed from within.

It could be a change in a relationship, a loss of a job or catastrophic disaster. Initially there seems like there is no reason but it is meant to drive us into a new direction. Do not close ourselves off to the possibility of a new direction and greater success. Think maybe there is a new door that opens.

What is possible?

When events happen, slow down, listen inwardly, resist self-limiting beliefs, negative looping thoughts and the feeling of being wronged. Rather seek the message that the universe is serving up to you. Tough experiences make us stronger and gives us a new focus when we look at the possibilities.


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