Sunday, June 30, 2013

Comparison of Life Coaching and Therapy: Revelation

I wrote a blog explaining the difference between Life Coaching and Therapy. I got a very interesting and positive comment. I would like to share the comment and my answer with you. I think you would find both very interesting and candid.

Comment from Reader

I can see the importance of both...therapist and life coach. I have experienced both. I have experienced good points in both.

Most of my life I have been in therapy and have been given many "labels"..."diagnosis's"... and the labels do follow you through your whole life. Once "labeled" it sticks in your brain and you believe this will always be who I am. Even after years of therapy and doing better, I still carry that "label" around even if it is in my subconscious and I feel it has held me back and kept me from being "compete"..."whole".

Also medication issues, I believe psychiatrist think they are honestly helping by giving medication...but I have found it has only hindered and delayed my healing process.

Seeing a "good" life coach can make all the difference in the world. They do not see "labels" they see me for who I am... for what I can be...and help work through the obstacles that are blocking the path in becoming who I truly am...or can desires can become my reality.

I do believe therapy has helped me...if nothing has kept me alive and kept me from giving up many years ago. But, having a life coach has taken me to places I thought I would never see...never become. Desires "are" becoming "realities".

My new desire is to be free from addictive medications I have been on for many years. And I also believe this "desire" will become a "reality". Thanks to a wonderful life coach that believes in me and doesn't look at "labels"...but looks at me and my true abilities. 

Reply to Reader

Dear Anonymous,

I really appreciate you making a comment on my blog. I wrote it to inform people on the differences between Life Coaching and Therapy. There are many misunderstandings floating around. I want others to know that there are other views and paths when seeking relief from abuse or trauma recovery, healing and freedom.
Traditional methods are very effective for a lot of mental conditions (of which I was part of that system for 38 years), but Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is not one of them. PTSD is not a pathological disorder. PTS, I wish they would drop the "D", is a "normal" mental, physical and spiritual response to viewing or experiencing a life threatening event. The event could be mild or server, primary or secondary, but the resulting affect are the same. The event changes the person, response to self and others and changes their life. Traumatic events follow survivors like a constant shadow.

I hope that this blog allowed you to see both in a new light side by side. Coaching is a skill based acquisition method rather than an examining “wrong/broken" method. What is funny is that psychiatry, psychology or coaching is an exact science. So it is the practitioner behind the tools that makes the difference.
Another difference is Life Coaching gives people accountability through assignments and action plans they have to complete. Therapy does not.  I would rather be accountable and invested rather than expecting the therapist to have the “right answer”.

It is now people’s choice in what direction they want to travel. Either focus on what was wrong with your past and take the chance the “negative” will manifest that into their life (therapy).  Or self assess what they want (happiness/success), what skills they need to acquire your goal and achieve it.

Your choice toward your “freedom” is yours.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Affirm Your Soul

We all need to enjoy a bit of freedom and relaxation. This beautiful video does just that. Please enjoy this video and affirm your spirit.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

5 Products that will Help You Make a Change

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