Thursday, June 11, 2015

19 Quotes to Feed Your Soul

Feeding your Soul with knowledge is very important to achieve personal change, fulfillment, growth, happiness and success. When you feed your Soul, your whole being fills up with increase your self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-worth. 

As your Soul grows and matures, it will manifest all its good feelings and positiveness through increased energy, drive, fulfillment and motivation. 

19 quotes to fill your Soul with inner strength

"A relationship with self is born and cultivated in the heart, 
  but nurtured in the Soul"

"All the answers, desires and power you need to achieve for  
 anything resides inside you"

“Some of the greatest challenges are found within the silent
  chambers of your own soul”

"You can have any thoughts you want, but you do not have 
  to complete the action associated with that thought"

"Answers to your resistance, anger or self-deception are 
 entrenched in old dis-empowering core beliefs hidden 
 from your Soul"

“Discover the root cause, alter your core beliefs, and shift 
  your mindset to free your Soul and helps it to grow”

"Coaches who can outline plays on a blackboard are a dime a  dozen. Winning coaches are those who get connected their  apprentice’s Soul and motivates him or her to do more than they  think can do"

“The Soul has a deep rooted right to feel”

"Even though bad stuff happened to you in your life, 
  bad stuff does not have to define your Soul."

"Emotional pain will diminish in your Soul if you 
 do not feed it"

"When a door closes, another one opens. But often you 
  still look at the closed door rather than approach 
  the one that has been opened for you"

"Exaggerated or false expectations are resentments 
  under construction"

"Blind fear is diminished by the completion of an action"

"The more effort you put into not facing or submerging 
  a fearful issue, hurt or pain, the more the issue, hurt or pain 
  will surface and festers out of control while shadowing your soul."

"Your Soul yearns to stand at a new threshold of life and 
  direction. So stand still and don't react while believing 
  in the strength of your Soul"

“Life’s intentions is discovering what is possible for you, 
  nurturing your creativity and live in the moment for self, 
  and not for everyone else”

“What you resist gives what you are resisting power and 
   influence which diminishes your connection with your Soul”

“When you feed and nurture your soul, then it manifests itself 
  in positive changes in yourself and your life”

“When your Soul is full, you become complete”



  1. Thanks for sharing this with me. The last quote leaves me discouraged andfeeling still empty. But all the others give hope and tasks to have my spirit filled w/ encourement and a challenge to work toward specific goals. The only thing stopping me is constant financially burdens. Love the fact that you can still reach me through your post. Feel I take them very personally even though you are trying to help many people. Thank you for taking what time you can to help me I don't take your posts for granted - they challenge me and help me to become healthy.

    1. You are very welcome Dianna. I am sorry that #19 left you discouraged that is the strongest and most accomplishable of them all.

      I would love to work with and hope in the future it is possible. Believe strongly and it will happen.

      Thanks for the comment.


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