Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Changing Lives One Person at a Time

Let me get right to the point…. 

I have been coaching a man who has lost everything. He lost his business, his marriage, his kids, his home, friends, support and himself. He was a successful businessman with his own company, wealthy and happy in his marriage. Then suddenly it was all gone. Why?

With the death of his father he started to experiencing negative self-limiting and self-defeating thoughts. No matter what he tried he could not turn off his negative thoughts. He kept hearing his father's voice from his childhood stating "you're stupid, you're a loser, you can't make a good decision, you're not good enough, you don't deserve happiness or success and you will always be a failure in everything you do." He surrendered to his intrusive and disturbing thoughts and he wrote himself off. He began to feel like a stranger even to himself . He even felt very uncomfortable in his own skin. He ran out of energy to fight for himself so he finally gave up.

His mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health declined rapidly.  He was plagued with anxiety, fear, worry and constant negative thoughts. A psychiatrist put him on benzodiazepines and lost all hope.


Then he learned something that changed his life forever. He was shown a secret “method” that gave him the key that unlock his mind code. He discovered that his father's constant criticism and berating was accepted by him and converted into beliefs that he had about himself. It was these beliefs that were causing causing all his problems.


The secret is called “30 Day Mind Challenge”, and with the program he was able to unlock the negative code that was limiting him. With just shifting his code to positive, he was able to achieve a new found confidence and regain happiness, success and unbound energy along with good health. With help of an old friend he open his business and is on his way to flourishing again. 

How Does that Happen?

See at birth and as we grow up, we all become 'coded'. Our "mind code" forms with every life event we experience - when triggered – subconsciously our code surfaces into our conscious. Our mind code then influences how we act, think, and feel. Our code can limit our efforts to be happy and succeed.

When something happens in life our mind code already knows the answer and therefore dictates your reactions.  All you need to do is to 'decode' these messages that don't serve. Some of our coded messages embedded in our subconscious are self-limiting and self-defeating. The positive thing is that you can change and shift negative coded messages to positive if given the tools to do so. 

Understand if you feel you are too limited, defective, not good enough or damaged to achieve what you want in life, you are NOT alone. It is possible to change. 

Understand there is nothing wrong with your “hardware”. It is your “software” that is faulty and caused you to be negatively coded. It is not your fault. Re-code your software and change your life.

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