Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Intuitive Breathing: Tips to Inner Peace

Everyone wants to be healthier with less anxiety and stress as well as be more mindful. But we don't always know how. Here are two ideas and ways to live more intuitively.

Breathing is the most important and necessary thing you do every day. But breathing, bringing in oxygen, can also be so healthy to your body and mind as well as emotional well-being. If your breathing is done with an intuitive method you could gain so many benefits.

Breathing can be productive. If done in an intuitive focused manner you can increase calmness and connect with yourself therefore decreasing your anxiety level. Done in another way you can reduce your stress and become more mindful. Who wouldn’t want to be calm, connected and mindful along with decreasing anxiety and stress levels?

Here are two breathing methods that will improve your life and health if practiced. Understand the more you practice either or both method the greater the benefits.

Two Methods of Intuitive Breathing

Intuitive Breathing Tip #1

Intuitive Breathing method #1 will assist you in reducing anxiety, help to achieve a degree of calmness, and improve your connectedness with yourself.  

In order to reduce your anxiety, become calmer and more connected with yourself with Intuitive Breathing follow these tips.

Inhale while counting to 4
Hold your breath at a count of 4
Exhale completely while counting to 8

Repeat at least 8 times to get full effect.

Intuitive Breathing Tip #2

Intuitive Breathing method #2 will assist you in decreasing your stress level, and increase your ability to be mindful.  

Inhale while counting to 4
Hold your breath to the count of 2
Exhale completely

Repeat at least 4 times to get full effect.

Benefits of Intuitive Breathing

Anxiety decreases

Emotional stability improves

Clarity of thought materializes

Creativity enhances

Confidence rises

Connection with the moment

Happiness increase

Intuition grows

Peace of mind appears


Intuitive Breathing can be perform by sitting comfortably with your eyes open or shut. You can also get results same results when you are walking. Both way can help you to become healthier and increase your intuitive ability as well as live better.

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