Friday, June 5, 2015

2 Quick Tips on How to Change Negative Beliefs to Positive

Do you suffer from any of these common stressful pre-formed beliefs?

~Believing in possible future disasters or focusing old mistakes         or hurts 
~Taking everything that happens personally
~Judge and criticize yourself
~Hypersensitive to every situation causing anger, anxiety and fear 
~Excessive thoughts that negative things will happen

Everyone has negative thinking patterns like these due to old embedded and rigid beliefs about themselves. In fact, some studies estimate that about 75 to 80% of all negative thinking patterns come from negative beliefs you have pre-formed about yourself. 

But just because it’s normal to unconsciously react to negative beliefs doesn't mean it’s a good thing or that those beliefs are the truth about you. Example of these beliefs like “I am not good enough” “I don’t deserve”, “I am unworthy of”, or “I always fail at what I do”. These negative and stressful beliefs cause negative thinking habits. Old beliefs like these can create unwanted bad moods, make you anxious without your even knowing why, cause you to perform poorly, turn yourself against yourself, cause to feel unfulfilled, cause you to sabotage good relationships, and even flood your body with stress chemicals that can lead to physical exhaustion and disorders. 

The bad news is: Ignoring negative beliefs can easily become habits causing you to say, do and believe negatively. Old formed beliefs are like a repetitive songs known as an earworms can stick in your mind.

The good news is that change is up to you

The good news is:  You have the power to change and ease your misery and find inner peace as well as increase confidence. Truly it is all up to you. You already know that are you’re your toughest critic. Your criticisms, self-judgments and self-limiting beliefs surface into your consciousness through the realization listening to your negative inner voice in your head. 

2 Quick Tips in Changing

#1 Change your mindset toward yourself

Many writers has been captivated with writing and investigating the “inner self talk voice” and how people talk to themselves. First of all they found that having an internal voice is normal and helps us to make decision and determine how we will respond in life. An interesting result of all their efforts was that after judging your performance as poor your internal voice will become meaner, more doubtful, more critical and even self-shaming.

Your attitude toward yourself determines what you will do and not do for you. Determine if your attitude is negative or positive toward yourself. Figure out if it is really true and if not change it.

#2 Learn to inspire yourself through changing beliefs  

Become your own cheerleader. Understand no one else will do that for you.

To gain calmness in your mind and inner peace you have to change your beliefs you have about yourself. Make a list of all of your beliefs about yourself. Evaluate them and then determine which are true and which are not. With the ones that are not cross them out and write a new belief beside it. Once complete, write them all on a new piece of paper and then repeat them to yourself 10 times a day for 14 days. Once you have consistently repeated them for those 14 days your mind will accept these new beliefs as your truth.

After Thoughts

Your mind does not feel emotions, it just makes true whatever is written in it. Meaning your mind does not determine what is good or bad beliefs for you. You form a belief with each experience you have in life and if you are disappointed with your perform in anything the belief will be negative. 
If you work these 2 quick tips and are consistent in following through with them, your attitude will turn positive and your degree of self-confidence will increase.

Make a positive change today with the 30 Day Mind Changing Challenge. Take the Mini Challenge to see if you are ready to change your thoughts.



  1. Outstanding article as always! It was just what I needed to be reminded of and helped me to understand more about core beliefs and how they keep us from truly enjoying life. Thank you for this phenomenal article!

    1. Kate Malone,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I am glad that you find value out of my blogs.and particularly this blog.

      Keep coming back.

    2. You are very welcome! Thank you!!! I learned a lot!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Sandra for your comment. Appreciate you taking time to read it. Hope the quick tips will help.



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