Wednesday, June 17, 2015

7 Tips on How Your Imagination can be the Power of Change

"All changes in yourself and life start in the imagination. The imagination is capable of turning mind energy into realized drive and success."  

How to change your life positive

Simply use your imagination. Imagination is one of our most powerful tools available to you as a person.  Imagination is the one thing within us, as humans, that gives us the amazing ability to "create what is not there yet".  

Think about it.  Our imagination can truly assist you in creating something new? Everything that we been created in the world has stemmed from a seed in someone's imagination. Everyone has this ability. Our imagination contains the magnificent power to generate thoughts or concepts (those intentions we wish, or desire or expect) which can be manifested in the future. Every idea, dream and every goal can be achieved by accessing our creative mind, the imagination.  And, with a little effort, focus and practice, a constant flow of ideas will come to you with ease.  This is the brilliance of your imagination in your brain.

In order to access your imagination you have to spend time with yourself.  

7 tips on accessing the power of your imagination 

1. Find a peaceful environment

2. Get quiet and be calm Remain quiet and calm

3. Ask for internal guidance with and / or inspiration about a 
    specific desire  

4. Then focus on the desire or idea

5. Repeat your desire out loud and repeat in your 4 times then listen

6. Wait patiently for a flow of thoughts that will come 
     into your mind

7. Listen, hear your answers and then write it down 
    immediately after the session

After Thoughts

Write down all the ideas and thoughts that arise during your session whether you think they are important or not.  Do not discount or rationalize any thoughts that come to mind. Then, rest in the faith that your imagination will generate ideas, thoughts and solutions to accomplish your desire. Know that imagination possesses all the energy you need to continue generating more ideas, thoughts and solutions on the way to accomplishing success in your life. 

Believe, have faith and harvest the rewards of your effort. The more you practice the easier access to your imagination will come. Your imagination will open to you to abundance.

Following these tips will help you make a positive change and reach greater success.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

19 Quotes to Feed Your Soul

Feeding your Soul with knowledge is very important to achieve personal change, fulfillment, growth, happiness and success. When you feed your Soul, your whole being fills up with increase your self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-worth. 

As your Soul grows and matures, it will manifest all its good feelings and positiveness through increased energy, drive, fulfillment and motivation. 

19 quotes to fill your Soul with inner strength

"A relationship with self is born and cultivated in the heart, 
  but nurtured in the Soul"

"All the answers, desires and power you need to achieve for  
 anything resides inside you"

“Some of the greatest challenges are found within the silent
  chambers of your own soul”

"You can have any thoughts you want, but you do not have 
  to complete the action associated with that thought"

"Answers to your resistance, anger or self-deception are 
 entrenched in old dis-empowering core beliefs hidden 
 from your Soul"

“Discover the root cause, alter your core beliefs, and shift 
  your mindset to free your Soul and helps it to grow”

"Coaches who can outline plays on a blackboard are a dime a  dozen. Winning coaches are those who get connected their  apprentice’s Soul and motivates him or her to do more than they  think can do"

“The Soul has a deep rooted right to feel”

"Even though bad stuff happened to you in your life, 
  bad stuff does not have to define your Soul."

"Emotional pain will diminish in your Soul if you 
 do not feed it"

"When a door closes, another one opens. But often you 
  still look at the closed door rather than approach 
  the one that has been opened for you"

"Exaggerated or false expectations are resentments 
  under construction"

"Blind fear is diminished by the completion of an action"

"The more effort you put into not facing or submerging 
  a fearful issue, hurt or pain, the more the issue, hurt or pain 
  will surface and festers out of control while shadowing your soul."

"Your Soul yearns to stand at a new threshold of life and 
  direction. So stand still and don't react while believing 
  in the strength of your Soul"

“Life’s intentions is discovering what is possible for you, 
  nurturing your creativity and live in the moment for self, 
  and not for everyone else”

“What you resist gives what you are resisting power and 
   influence which diminishes your connection with your Soul”

“When you feed and nurture your soul, then it manifests itself 
  in positive changes in yourself and your life”

“When your Soul is full, you become complete”


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

7 Tips Accessing Power of Gratitude

Seeking positive change in yourself or your life? Where do you find it? The only place is from within, not from anywhere outside of yourself.

Connect with your Gratitudes

Positive change in your life happens when you realize your gratitude you have now, in the moment. Your path to positive change is internal and occurs when you believe that you deserve and you are worthy of that change. The inner path for achieving forward movement is through inwardly thank your soul for your accomplishments. When you know your gratitude, your soul fills with light. When you are grateful for what you have in the moment you will be mindful for and with yourself. In the process you will become more authentic with yourself and your life. Strive to make a positive change which you truly desire.

One way of achieving this is to know what your core beliefs are and how they match or do not match with your external reactions to life experiences. 

Everything that you accomplish is for one reason only. You believe that you will feel more positive about having what you have. But, the truth is, you must feel positive about yourself to deserve and be worthy of what you desire before you can achieve what you want! 

So the secret is to believe in yourself first.

7 tips on accessing the power of gratitude ;

1. Make a list to all you grateful for and set it next to you while 
    you do the rest of the steps

2. Recognize what you desire

3. Be specific

4. Create a plan

5. Set positive steps

6. Establish how you will measure your achievements

7. Put your steps into action in the moment 

If you consistently follow through on these tips, and your life will change for the positive, you will achieve more satisfaction, and your soul will fill up with light. 

When said another way, when you adjust your core beliefs and putting them into action consistently you will produce positive results in yourself and your life. If you simply look around with positive eyes in the moment you will recognize that you already have much of what you desire. 

After Thoughts

Remember, positive core beliefs are an internal vision of your future successes and what you will accomplish. Preformed core beliefs influence your more than you realize. When you tune into our core beliefs then we will spiral upward receiving more positive blessings. Being vigilant about your gratitude will show you the energy you possess in your soul. Your soul will be very appreciative. 

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Friday, June 5, 2015

2 Quick Tips on How to Change Negative Beliefs to Positive

Do you suffer from any of these common stressful pre-formed beliefs?

~Believing in possible future disasters or focusing old mistakes         or hurts 
~Taking everything that happens personally
~Judge and criticize yourself
~Hypersensitive to every situation causing anger, anxiety and fear 
~Excessive thoughts that negative things will happen

Everyone has negative thinking patterns like these due to old embedded and rigid beliefs about themselves. In fact, some studies estimate that about 75 to 80% of all negative thinking patterns come from negative beliefs you have pre-formed about yourself. 

But just because it’s normal to unconsciously react to negative beliefs doesn't mean it’s a good thing or that those beliefs are the truth about you. Example of these beliefs like “I am not good enough” “I don’t deserve”, “I am unworthy of”, or “I always fail at what I do”. These negative and stressful beliefs cause negative thinking habits. Old beliefs like these can create unwanted bad moods, make you anxious without your even knowing why, cause you to perform poorly, turn yourself against yourself, cause to feel unfulfilled, cause you to sabotage good relationships, and even flood your body with stress chemicals that can lead to physical exhaustion and disorders. 

The bad news is: Ignoring negative beliefs can easily become habits causing you to say, do and believe negatively. Old formed beliefs are like a repetitive songs known as an earworms can stick in your mind.

The good news is that change is up to you

The good news is:  You have the power to change and ease your misery and find inner peace as well as increase confidence. Truly it is all up to you. You already know that are you’re your toughest critic. Your criticisms, self-judgments and self-limiting beliefs surface into your consciousness through the realization listening to your negative inner voice in your head. 

2 Quick Tips in Changing

#1 Change your mindset toward yourself

Many writers has been captivated with writing and investigating the “inner self talk voice” and how people talk to themselves. First of all they found that having an internal voice is normal and helps us to make decision and determine how we will respond in life. An interesting result of all their efforts was that after judging your performance as poor your internal voice will become meaner, more doubtful, more critical and even self-shaming.

Your attitude toward yourself determines what you will do and not do for you. Determine if your attitude is negative or positive toward yourself. Figure out if it is really true and if not change it.

#2 Learn to inspire yourself through changing beliefs  

Become your own cheerleader. Understand no one else will do that for you.

To gain calmness in your mind and inner peace you have to change your beliefs you have about yourself. Make a list of all of your beliefs about yourself. Evaluate them and then determine which are true and which are not. With the ones that are not cross them out and write a new belief beside it. Once complete, write them all on a new piece of paper and then repeat them to yourself 10 times a day for 14 days. Once you have consistently repeated them for those 14 days your mind will accept these new beliefs as your truth.

After Thoughts

Your mind does not feel emotions, it just makes true whatever is written in it. Meaning your mind does not determine what is good or bad beliefs for you. You form a belief with each experience you have in life and if you are disappointed with your perform in anything the belief will be negative. 
If you work these 2 quick tips and are consistent in following through with them, your attitude will turn positive and your degree of self-confidence will increase.

Make a positive change today with the 30 Day Mind Changing Challenge. Take the Mini Challenge to see if you are ready to change your thoughts.