Tuesday, August 2, 2016

5 Tips on Changing to Positive Thinking

Your thoughts are very important and carry a lot of conscious power and influence to rule your life.

Unfortunately it seems as though thoughts come out of thin air and control you but they really don’t.

Here is 7 tips on what your thoughts determine. 

1. Thoughts determine, direct, and influence you degree of awareness.

2. Thoughts determine your emotions. How you feel, good or bad, happy or sad. 

3. Thoughts determine how you focus. Whether you focus on the past, the 
     moment or into the future. 

4. Thoughts determine how you view yourself. Your self-worth, confidence and identity.

5. Thoughts determine whether you have value and your worth in degree to 
    someone or something else.

6. Thoughts determine how you perceive others and the world around you.

7. Thoughts determine the type of relationships you have with yourself and someone else.

What are the origin of your thoughts?

Since you are not total aware of where your thoughts come from it is good to understand where they originate. Your thoughts are actually generated from your core beliefs that reside deep from within your subconscious mind. Your core beliefs are formed from the experiences you have growing up. So in order to change your thoughts you have to become aware of what you truly believe in. If your beliefs are not positive then neither will your thoughts be. 

5 Tips on Changing Your Thoughts to Positive and Productive

So how to change your core beliefs that will change the nature of your thoughts. Here 5 steps on how to accomplish a change in the thoughts your mind generates.

1. Recognition 

First of all you cannot fix what you’re aware. So recognition is your first and most important step. On a piece of paper, write down all your beliefs you have about yourself, others and the world; good and bad, insignificant or significant, large or small. Also note the emotion that is associated with each core belief you list.

2. Identity

In this step determine each belief in your list actually your truth? Identify whether each belief you recognized on your listed is real or a lie, positive or negative, productive or destructive. Draw a one straight line through the beliefs that are not true, negative and destructive. Those marked core beliefs are the ones that are barriers to change and counterproductive to the way you want to think.

3. Create anew

Third step is creating new list of beliefs. Next to each lined out belief, create and write down a positive belief you want to replace the old blocking belief with next to it. To make sure each belief embeds itself assign a feeling to each new belief. If you do not create new beliefs with an associated feeling and consistently work to replace the old ones your mind will continue to generate the same old useless thoughts. 

4. Practice, practice and practice so more

Last step is to shift your mind to focus and accept the new belief over old belief. You accomplish this by practicing acceptance through repeating your new list out loud to yourself 5 times daily, every day for 30 days. It is most important is to say your new belief list first time in the morning when you first wake up and then the last time before you close your eyes to go to sleep. To make your new beliefs more powerful, say your new beliefs with the feeling assigned to each belief in step 3 and do it with a strong emotional tone.

 Saying the list every day for 30 days and you follow through with the practicing the new beliefs daily they will embed themselves into your subconscious and the new ones will replace the old ones. Also the beliefs will become your mind’s truth. 

5. Be observant

Also monitor your thoughts after the 30 days and acknowledge when your new beliefs start to manifest themselves in your thoughts. How will you know that? You will be told by other people in your life that you seem different, thinking differently or you will be aware of the difference.

After Thoughts

Once you recognize the origin of your thoughts, meaning recognizing the ones that are false, negative and unproductive and that your old thoughts were generated from them then the power to change your thoughts is yours. Don’t be a slave to your thoughts anymore. When you change the content of your core beliefs you then hold the ability to influence and determine how you will think.
Empower yourself by invoking new beliefs that you can accept and believe in.

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