Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas is a Magical Time

On this eve of Christmas, I want to take the time and this chance to deeply wish all a Merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays.

  As we near the end of this year, it is time to reflect on all our gratitude over the past 12 months. Sometimes the events we experience do not feel like a gratitude, but later, over time, we see that we have been pointed in a different and better direction. 

  Christmas should be a time of inner journey filled with dreams, fantasy and spiritual nourishment. It is not what you give or get, it is about erecting stronger bonds with our inner and outer environments through positive core beliefs. The stronger our core beliefs, the stronger our ties with the ones we love. For as we have experienced this year, it can be a regular day, and suddenly we will not see a love one again.

  Love your family and yourself as though it is the last moment you have. Tonight and tomorrow morning is a magical time not only for our children and grandchildren but also for the inner child in all of us.

Yes Billy, Santa is real!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. 

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  1. Knowing those who are near and dear to us and accepting oneself allows us to be thankful for all we truly have not what we perceive we have. Wisdom to feel love comes from self-love...the greatest gift of all!


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