Monday, October 1, 2012

Thought Addiction


     "Thought Addiction is the Precursor to all Other Addictions"


Thought Addiction (TA)

Thought addiction is real. Thought addiction or TA has been ignored by addicts as well as addiction professionals. The fact is that this type of addiction is the entry way into to other addiction. People in fact start using other thing just to quiet a thought that will not turn off in their consciousness. Thought addiction can consume and devastate someone’s life. So can there be such a thing an addiction to a thought?

What is a thought addiction?

Yes there can be.  The definition of thought addiction is the development of a habitual thought pattern to one thought or more thoughts. Thought addiction is the constant looping of negative and self-judging thoughts that do not serve the individual thinking. TA has damaging results on the person and dilutes all other thoughts as well as it depletes all energy to every other system of the body. An addiction to a thought produces a rapid and intense change in mood and causes a painful withdrawal when there is an attempt to stop.

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  1. I appreciate you bringing thought addiction to the forefront versus staying hidden behind the scenes. Your hub articles are extremely helpful in breaking the pattern of thought addiction. Thank you for the useful information!

  2. Wysley64 - The concept of thought Addiction has been hidden and now it is becoming more and more visible. The addiction profession is realizing that if you treat the thought addiction at the beginning it can stop further deterioration. If not and the individual get sober then it is the original thought addiction that is still there and is the barometer for relapse. Thanks for your enlightening comment. Blessings.


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