Saturday, October 20, 2012

Positive Change is a Risk

Life experiences and the formed beliefs related to them have a tendency to cause a closing of the mind over time and dilutes clarity of thought. Don't get trapped in old beliefs that block attempts at success.

A positive change is not made by wondering what you could have done differently in the past or an intense need worry about how to fix what you did wrong or situations that went wrong. You making positive change is also not made by worrying what is to come in the future. Positive change can only be created and accomplished in the moment with clear thinking.

Many people spend their time projecting and preparing for what might happen in the future. Others center their attention on the past and lose his or her focus as well as drive. Meanwhile what is happening in the moment is totally lost.

To make a positive change requires taking a risk do new things which were thought to be impossible. Positive change is creating through risking new thought, envisioning what is wanted, and experiencing what the success of achieving the intention would feel like. Adopt a new mindset that everything is possible.

Life is truly fleeting. What is here right now will disappear in a flash and then we will wonder where it went. So create in the moment and strive for the intended positive change. Don't wait, life is ticking away.

Remember -
                              "Yesterday is just a memory,
                                   Today is the moment,
                                        Tomorrow is an enigma"

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