Monday, October 1, 2012

4 Steps for Making a Positive Change

Achieving positive change in your life is yours when you believe that you deserve it, when you desire it and know it is possible. Positive change will be present for you when you are truly authentic with yourself. It is there when your internal core beliefs match with your external reactions to life experiences. 

Everything that you do accomplish should be for one reason and one reason only, your benefit. You have to believe that you will feel more positive once thing begin to manifest towards you.  


The truth is you are and manifest what you believe about yourself.

In order to have effective change you must feel positive that you deserve what you desire before you can achieve what you want!  

4 Steps for Making a Positive Change

1. Believe in yourself first 

2. Make an action plan with detail steps 

3. Put your steps into action and follow through 

4.  Live in the moment 


Do this, and your life will change for the positive. Said another way, creating new core beliefs and putting them into action consistently will produce positive results and you manifest differently in your in how you act, feel, think and reactions. So make a positive change to yourself and your life.

If you simply look around with positive eyes you will see that you already have much of what you desire, yourself.

 Remember, positive core beliefs are an internal vision of future success or barriers. Tune in to your core beliefs then you will spiral upward receiving more that positiveness in your life.

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  1. I really enjoyed your article! I like how you emphasized it has to start within a person. The doors open to a future never before deemed possible except in one's dreams. It's a great feeling when you experience firsthand the positive changes that were just waiting to emerge. Then once you start it sets in motion for other positive changes to occur. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight!

  2. Thank you. I am very glad you gained knowledge from this blog. I am also happy to hear anytime that someone appreciates my wisdom. Thankful for your time and comment. Blessings.


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