Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Addiction and Self Love

The reason that people become addicted to substances, behaviors, thoughts or emotions is because they do not love yourself fully. 

If you are seeking change or healing through a substance, a behavior, a thought, or a feeling to alter who you are, you are searching in the wrong place. "I just do not like myself", "I want to be different" is something I hear from people all the time. The only way you change and heal yourself is from within not from something or someone else on the outside.

Improve the relationship with self and learn the good things about you rather than comparing yourself to others. Self is all you have. 

If you do not love yourself you will not do anything positive for yourself. Start a new relationship with self. Self love is your answer.

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  1. Accepting that one is a worthy person of love and acceptance, has opened a door to a whole new world and feelings for me. I'm not so bad after all and enjoy all, not living in a Pollyanna world anymore.

  2. Confidence is knowing you are good at a skill. The higher your skill level the greater your confidence.
    I agree that confidence comes from believing you are good at a skill. I don't think that a high skill level necessarily equates to high confidence.

    1. Bill - I agree with you. Confidence is the result of skill mastery. The better you become at a skill the more confident you become. The more you love yourself the more confident you are.
      Thanks for you comments. Dr Bill

  3. Why do some people become addicted when others don't. There would seem to be some genetic component. There are likely other reasons, such as poor self image. At different stages in addiction some people seem to totally lose themselves "I want to but just can't stop" Addiction is very complex, in some way it is almost like an obsessive compulsive behavior. My guess is that adddiction goes through a process of metamorphosis within different individuals.

    1. Bill - Very good thoughts. Different people have different levels of relationship with their addiction. Some relationships are easier to let go than others.
      Your idea is real thought provoking. Thanks for sharing.
      Blessings, Dr Bill


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