Thursday, February 7, 2013

Story of Life Coaching Success: Guest Blog

I was asked to guest blog and I wanted to write to say what a difference life coaching has made for me and my life.  I have spent all of my adult life in therapy, trying to recover from devastating childhood trauma.  The best I ever got was a temporary false sense of healing that never lasted. With each new therapist I tried, I hoped that “this would be the one” who finally had the key to my freedom.  And after every new therapist, I suffered more devastation when my pain returned even more deeply and intensely than before.  My issues seemed overwhelming and literally terminal to me. 

Then I discovered, quite by accident, Dr. William Tollefson, Life Coach.  Coaching with him I have made a positive change in my life. I discovered what had eluded me for literally decades.  Today, I live in glorious freedom.  Freedom to enjoy each day, make good decisions, have healthy relationships and think clearly for myself.  I am a whole, healthy human being for the first time.  I can say this with full confidence because it has not only lasted, but the authenticity of my healing is apparent to me and to others by my sense of owning myself,  thoughts, body, heart and soul totally like I have never had before.  I know who I am today.  I love myself, care for myself and am capable of loving and healthy relationship with others. 

Life Coaching, Dr. Bill in particular, uses and teaches tangible, real-life exercises and skills that are life changing if you are willing to put in the work.  No more hashing through your past, just powerful emancipating experiences through assignments.  All I had to do was trust the process, complete my assignments and practice my new skills.  If you are ready to do the hard work along with a sincere desire to reach for a better life then life coaching is for you. Discover the barriers that keep you from having the life you desire. If you just feel “stuck” in any area of your life, life coaching is the way because it certainly helped me to recognize the key to my growth. I held the answers to my questions of what I needed to change my life.

What 40 years of therapy couldn't do for me, life coaching with Dr. Bill did!!!! 
Go for it!!!


  1. Yeah!!! Good for you. I also have had the opportunity to be treated by Dr. Bill and no other person can measure up to him. I'll be so happy when our sessions start up. Enjoy the best of you!!!

  2. Sharon - Thank very much for the kind words. I look forward to talking with you. Dr Bill


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