Saturday, February 2, 2013

Acceptance is a Powerful Mindset for Positive Change

Let's look at the definition of acceptance. 

The definition of "accept" from a dictionary states: 

1. to receive willingly; ready for change;

2. to approve or give admittance; 

3. to come to terms with something: to acknowledge a fact or truth and come to terms with it; a situation; 

4. to tolerate something without protesting or attempting to change it.

Different Mindset

Another way to look at acceptance is that acceptance is the opposite of resistance. It is the ability to give in, not create a barrier. Acceptance is not the act of forgiveness. A person can forgive and not accept, or accept and not forgive. Accepting in many ways the belief that something is the fact and cannot be changed, like certain situations, events or people.

After Thoughts

I believe that acceptance is a willful act of opening to your self-truth and move forward in life. Acceptance can be seen as closing a door without resistance or resentment on a situation, event, person or something that cannot be changed and then open a new door and walking through it.

Want to Change?

Make a positive change today with the 30 Day Mind Changing Challenge. Take the Mini Challenge to see if you are ready to change your thoughts. 


  1. Closing doors are hard enough. Forgiving sometimes is superficial...a way of fooling one's self...but with the use of true acceptance moving forward become fluid. Stay true to yourself and look forward.

  2. Sharon - Thanks for your comment. Always stay true to yourself. Living in the moment is in fact moving forward. Accept who you are fully. Blessings


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