Saturday, February 16, 2013

Life Is like a Sport

Sports and life are the same in many ways.

In a sport if you do not feel internally in balance, meaning you have not done everything you can to prepared yourself to do your best then your self esteem, energy, focus and motivation will not be at peak level. You will be off balance. You will not perform to your expectations and doubt in the form of second guessing your ability will enter your mind and the opponent will have the mental edge.

So in life the same holds true. If you have not gained the skills you want and desire to achieve a given goal whether it is in a job, money, relationship or creating a vision, you will not have the confidence to succeed.  Confidence is knowing you are good at a skill. The higher your skill level the greater your confidence.

View life as a game and each aspect of life as a different sport. Like communication is one sport, relationships is another and so on. Recognize the skills you need for each one, find a mentor that can help you gain it and develop discipline by practicing daily, and the result will be increased confidence, focus and motivation. The more time you put into practicing each skill the better you feel about your performance, the great your internal balance will be.

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  1. and you don't have to come in first place either. eh? oh, and I looked for a pic of you on the beam ;)


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