Wednesday, September 30, 2015

5 Tips on Mastering Your Mind

Are you just existing and not enjoying life? Are you only managing your issues and problems? The mistake about managing your issues problem is it doesn’t always go or workout the way you want. Sometimes or most of the time, you are not really aware of the barriers that are blocking you. 

There is a possibility that you are conscious of being inundated by negative beliefs or thoughts. You do not have to live being overwhelmed by negative beliefs or thoughts. There is a way to create a positive pattern of beliefs which result in more encouraging thoughts.

Negative beliefs about yourself formed over time and obsessing on negative thoughts are not helpful, but then you knew that already, didn’t you? In fact, you probably know that your negative beliefs are stopping you from getting what you want. Attempting to ignore negative beliefs or shut them down is counter intuitive. The more you resist a self-limiting or negative belief, actually gives them more power. The more you remind yourself to stop the over thinking or obsessing about them, the more they will be in the forefront of your consciousness. Feelings of anxiety and disappointment will follow because you have failed to stop them. You can’t mentally power your way out of a negative belief or negative thought, because they are a manifestation of a deeper belief. It doesn’t work that way. It will only make it worse.

If you are still reading, then you are wondering what you can do about it. I would like to suggest some tips you could use to calm those beliefs and thoughts.

5 Tips on How to Master Your Mind

1. Focused Interference

Set up a go-to acceptable thought to interfere with the negative belief or thought which will diminish the power of a negative beliefs. Having an alternative good thought to focus on is better than letting your mind wander freely. Why? Because aimless mind wandering is directly associated with weakness. Allowing your mind wander unencumbered is fruitless task. It is better to concentrate on an idea, a song, a book passage, a quote or a specific task. Have something prepared gives you a sense of power. Make a plan to immediately shift when negative beliefs or thoughts pop up.

2. Schedule to Obsess Later

Self-defeating beliefs or negative thoughts are not like an unwanted visitor who comes to your house and you don’t answer the door. They can’t be ignored. Research suggests stopping self-defeating thoughts or negative beliefs can be done by mentally setting up a “designated time period” to obsess. Chose a time later during the day to entertain them. Postponing your obsessing over self-defeating thoughts or negative beliefs can be very productive and less intrusive during your day.

3. Face Your Negative Beliefs and Self-defeating Thoughts 
    Straight On

This tip is not for the faint of heart. Face and deal with each self-limiting belief and negative thought. Determine if each is real or if they are an illusion. Research suggests that this process can starve off their power. These shadowy thoughts rarely survive the light of direct examination.

4. Be Mindful

Center your mind in the moment by focusing on your breathing or heartbeat for 4 minutes or more. This will promote mindfulness, compassion, and non-judgment towards the unwanted beliefs or thoughts streaming through your consciousness. Being mindful helps to reduce the influence your unwanted thinking patterns have on you than they have over you.

5. Write It Down

Writing a curative and revealing method of change. Writing them down helps you to get those nagging unwanted negative beliefs and self-defeating thoughts out of your mind and down on paper. This method will quell the repetitive anxieties, fears and worries of what might happen in the future which often accompanies unwanted beliefs and negative thoughts. After you write them down then speak them out loud to yourself. Actually hearing out loud your unwanted beliefs and negative thoughts about yourself really reduces their power. In fact, you will come to realize the falsehood or lack of logic they possess. Once you find out that they are false the more quickly you will stop holding on to them.

Take Away

You are not powerless. You have the ability to defeat to these self-limiting thoughts by changing your negative beliefs. These tips will allow you to gather up your personal authority and power while cluttering your mind. You will, therefore, be able to command and create a positive mental environment you have always wanted. Believe in your ability, your skills and believe in yourself. Follow the tips and find the one that works best for you. Maybe you will find out that each tip works for you under different situations. This will allow you to be proactive, positive and your true beliefs about yourself. Create new beliefs about yourself, embrace them and manifest them in your life. This will add support and strength as well as bring a new balance to your life. 


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