Thursday, November 12, 2015

26 Quotes to Help You Make a Positive Change

Making a positive change inside yourself is the key to manifesting a positive and fulfilling life outside. It is your personal power through knowledge and understanding that shifts your mindset toward a positive self and aids you at achieving what you want out of life. Research has shown that new learning, processing and forming new knowledge keeps your brain young.  

Here are some quotes that will strengthen your knowledge and understanding in making a positive change in you and allows you to manifest a new you. If you believe in positiveness of yourself, you no longer need outside validation to feel fulfilled. 

“Change comes from being the bishop and architect of your         mind.”

“Inconsistent efforts produces inconsistent results. Positive           efforts produce positive results.”

“Life changing experiences come from strengthening your           connection with yourself.”

“A positive and healthy mind assures a healthy Soul.” 

“Whatever you carry inside yourself is manifested on the             outside yourself. Be sure you are carrying positiveness”

“To attain a positive life, make sure your mind, heart and             intuition are internally connected.” 

“Can’t live a positive life with a negative mindset.”

“Change is not possible for someone who is content with pain.”

“Acceptance of self is the main ingredient to a positive life.”

“A positive effect on how you feel and think is directly                   correlated to the beliefs you have about yourself.”

“An intuitive life is when you do not entertain negative around     you.”  

“Awareness and knowledge of yourself is the source of                   empowerment”

“Yesterday was a lesson, today is real and tomorrow may not       turn out the way you predict. Live in the moment.”

“Happiness without recognition is a loss of a good experience gone unrecognized.”

“The key to personal success is the acquisition and mastery of     positive skills.”

“Positiveness in yourself will flourish if feed it daily.”

“Believe in yourself completely, and take nothing negative from   others. If negative is presented then just walk away with             pride!”

“Feeling your emotions fully without judgment is a positive         personal strength and skill.”

“Negative thoughts clouds your ability to view yourself with         positiveness and compassion.” 
“Don’t suppress a negative inner voice, rather change its               perspective of you.”

“A master teaches, enlightens and empowers from experience.     Be your own master.”

“Can’t be everything to everybody, but you can be all you need   to yourself.”

“Making a positive change is not finding the part of you, you       think you lost. Making a positive change is about creating a       new you.”

“Empowerment is not finding the parts of you thought you lost,   rather embracing yourself in the moment you found and             reconnected with all of you.”

“I can’t change the day but I can certainly change this                   moment.”

“Being positive, connected and compassionate to yourself is the   ultimate expression of love.”


About the Author:  

Dr. William Tollefson, Ph.D. is a Certified Master Life, Post-Trauma and Holistic Addiction Recovery Coach who teaches others to accomplish whatever him or her want to do and inspire to complete it. 

He has authored of 2 books entitled: Separated From the Light (A Path Back from Psychological Trauma) and his newest Personal Philosophy. Dr. Bill has numerous articles on a variety of topics from making a positive change to healing survivors of childhood and/or adulthood abuse and trauma, which can be found here on the HubPages.  Additionally, he is on YouTube, Pinterest  and two blogs: Trauma, DID, and Addiction  and for Life Coaching.   
Please visit his website and accept his gift of his eBook Personal Philosophy. 

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