Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How are you doing on those New Year’s Resolutions?

Day 7 of the New Year 2015

I thought I would check on you. How are you doing with the resolutions you set? Keep mindful on your objective. Once you lose your mindfulness you can lose your momentum.

I have been working on an intention I set. I wanted to be healthier in 2015. I found out that I have been dehydrated. I get dehydrated from my coffee consumption, love my coffee, and tending to my gardens and lawn. The Florida sun can be brutal. So I set an intention to drink a gallon of water a day for 30 days. There are many benefits to drinking water not only for your organs, but for your skin and eyes. My inner critic is already picking at me.

Personally I understand what all of you are going through and why keeping resolutions are so hard.

Tips to enhance your chances of being successful

With that in mind keep making your 2015 positive change come true by being:

1) Mindful everyday of your goal.

2) Perform the 1st step to achieving your resolution in the morning. The later you wait the hard it becomes.

3) Find support from someone else to get daily reminders and keep you focused.

4) Journal about your experiences, what thoughts are going through your mind, feelings, actions you are taking. Members of the website have access to a free, online, private journal. Membership is FREE so take advantage.

5) Keep positive. If you miss a day, it’s OK. Jump back on the horse and get back to your goal. Think about what is stopping you. Here is a little video I put out on mind code and what it is all about. Please check it out, it may just help.

I hope that these tips, videos and reading materials will help you on your journey. Let's all work together at these tips to achieve your the goals you have set. Make this a very successful 2015!


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