Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tips on 3 Things that Stop Positive Change

  "Don't be a slave to your past but rather the bishop of your 
                  Soul and the architect of your moment." 

Are you still holding grudges against someone or some situation from your past? 

Understand that holding on to old material, emotions or grudges that are really clogs up your personal energy, mental space and ability to move forward in this coming year.

The general stereotype that has been passed around from generation to generation, is change is impossible. You can't change yourself, the way you feel, the way you think, your life or even rewrite your history if you are holding onto too much old baggage. 

True or False?

It is true you become stuck and unable to move forward if your mind is to busy holding onto the past. But what is not true is that you can't change. Of course you can. It takes willingness, perseverance and readiness. 

In order to change you have to go through a complete reset of your mind. You should start with throwing all your past garbage out of your life. All physical, mental, emotional and spiritual negative energy you have been unknowing holding onto. Stop holding on to all the old stuff that does not serve you. Start from scratch; so, do a general cleaning of internal closet.

If you continue to stockpile your old grudges and not clean out your internal mental closet it may lead to three things:

     1. The endless ruminating and over thinking about past                        situations will produce a constant parade of mental, 
         emotional and behavioral flashbacks. 

     2. You begin to over expect and overestimate leading 
          to endless disappointment.

     3. You have no space to let any new things in that are positive.

Take Away

So it makes sense to clean out your internal mental closet of old grudges, hurts, regrets and resentments that you have been storing for a long time and are running around in your mind. Once you clean out your the closet in your mind, your mind will reset itself. As a result you will realize an increase in energy, mental clarity, increased storage space and more focus.

Start cleaning today!

          Coach Bill

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