Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Contest to WIN a FREE 30 Day Life Changing Challenge

Do you want more out of your life but feel you are you stuck?     
Can’t seem to reach your goals?   
Tired of going nowhere?

Making a Positive Change 30 Day Challenge is giving you a chance to win a FREE 30 Day Challenge to make the positive changes in your life that you have always wanted. Find out once and for all what is blocking you from getting to the finish line!
There are several ways to win, you can either write a few sentences explaining why you want to make a positive change in your life, you can upload a photo of something positive in your life or upload a two-minute video explaining why you want Challenge yourself and change your life today.
Here’s how it works:
1) Submit your essay, photo or a two-minute video by posting it to www.facebook.com/MakingAPositiveChange. Ask your friends to Like US and like your post on our page. If your post gets the most votes, you will win the Making a Positive Change 30 Day Challenge. ($89.00 value)
2) Upload your photo or video on www.facebook.com/MakingAPositiveChange .
3) Like the Making A Positive Change Facebook page.
4) Share your video/ photo through Facebook and invite your friends to vote.

The video with the most votes will win grand prize and will receive a FREE 30 Day Challenge. ($89.00 value)
Take ownership of yourself and your life by entering this contest and start your positive change TODAY!
Get all your family and friends to Like US and VOTE for you to win.

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