Thursday, July 10, 2014

4 Tips to Help You Shift a Negative Mindset

Mindset is a concept that is talked a lot about in the helping profession lately. Funny thing about mindset is that everyone has one. In fact everyone has many mindsets and trade back and forth throughout the day.

What is a Mindset?

Simply a mindset is a fixed mental attitude. Mindsets come in all sorts of types and styles. A mindset can be fluid, or rigid. A mindset can be comfortable belief or an uncomfortable mental habit. It can be positive or judgmental of yourself or others.

Mindset can be a barrier

Hanging onto old mindsets can create many physical and mental problems, such as anxiety, blame, bitterness, fear, negativity, physical pain, resentments, stress, shame, sleeplessness and worry. Old mindsets can keep you boxed into old prejudice attitudes and thoughts.

Triggers affect your Mindset

Old mindsets can be triggered by situations. They can also be activated by the actions, comments or beliefs of others.  Over time a mindset results in poor physical health as well as a decrease in our mental and emotional health and performance. A mindset simply is a deep seated attitude based on old perceptions, beliefs or prejudices that were told, taught or forced on us. One thing clear is that a mindset is generally another person's expectations or bias. Growing up in my generation, it was taught to take others mindsets, such as parents, teachers, coaches, policemen, etc., with blind faith. Never to ask questions. Functioning in life under another person's mindset does not work and causes deep feelings of unhappiness, disappointment and a feeling of being trapped. 

4 Tips to Help You Shift an Old Mindset to Positive

1. Stop ruminating by literally stopping what you are doing and take 4 deep breaths. During those 4 breathes, focus on the air coming in to your lungs and then being released. 

2. Reclaim your personal authority by forming a new positive mindset to replace the negative attitude and replace it with a positive mindset. 

3. Create a new belief to support and validate your newly formed mindset. 

4. Conscious take ownership of the new mindset by making a promise to accept it. 

After Thoughts

You can break away from old destructive mindsets successfully. You have the power. Start today and forge your own path. You can get what you want if you follow the 4 steps above. 


For more suggestions and information go to Make a Positive Change website. Start today to change your life from the inside out.

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