Saturday, July 6, 2013

Trauma Recovery Southwest Florida

New Direction for Survivors of Abuse and Trauma in Southwest Florida
Are you having trouble coping with old trauma memories or flashbacks?  Do you feel like you are still living in the past and not in the present? Not able to move on with your life? Don’t know how to stop holding on to the past?  Keep dissociating as a coping skill?

Trauma recovery is hard to do on your own. Major inroads have been made trauma treatment, but living on your own and attempting to recover is very hard.  Coaching and mentoring can be a tremendous advantage and support reducing the affects of Post traumatic Stress syndrome.

Trauma recovery continues to be misunderstood by professionals for survivors with childhood abuse and trauma.  They continue to believe that PTSD symptoms are a mental health problem and not a normal response reaction to experiencing a life threatening events. Negative thoughts as the result of traumatic memories and flashbacks can be personally damaging and disrupting to daily life.

Are you attempting to fight negative self thoughts in your head constantly? Are negative thoughts making you uncomfortable in social situations whether you are at school, a job or with family?

Well it is possible to change the affects of PTSD symptoms. Stop letting your past define you. Get the support you deserve along with a customized action plan for recovery that really works. Having a trauma coach / trauma recovery mentor can help you accomplish it. There are skills you can learn that will help you move forward. You can learn to increase your ability and skill level to recognize, reset, restructure and recover. You can learn to shift old negative beliefs and create new beliefs and positive behavior patterns. Learn to live in the moment and stop holding on to the past.

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