Sunday, July 14, 2013

3 Ways to Benefit from Your Mistakes

Have you ever made a mistake? Everyone has. Yet after making mistakes you become so frightened or apprehensive to make another mistake for fear of what might happen? It also causes you to second guess everything you do after that point.

Society has become so performance orientated and focused that many shy away from risking new things or learning new skills and causes you to stay with only familiar and comfortable things even it they are bad for you. You may become so afraid of making a mistake that you just don't venture into new experiences and keep you in a rut. In fact you may isolate yourself from experiences to stop any future possibility of making another mistake.
Is not getting involved with life a mistake also?

The more afraid you are of making a mistake, the less willing you will be of taking a risk, the more restricted you are, you become rigid and end up stuck. You actually create a pattern that can cause you to be less involved with other people, situations and you learn less. If you shy away from trying new things or not taking risks, you deprive your Soul of the nutriments needed to grow and thrive.

Could your mistakes be positive?

Making a mistake is normal part of life. No one is perfect. Making a mistake can be very positive. If you don’t make a mistake when you attempt something new then how do you learn. Each different experience, task or situation should bring something beneficial to your character.

Remember all the times growing up when you were so afraid to join in playing with others kids for fear of being embarrassed, ridiculed for not performing as well as others or just plain not being good enough. Look at all you lost out on. Don’t let that happen now. Accept and embrace your mistakes for what they can bring to your life.

Therefore don't let past incidents of mistakes determine who you are as a person or a barrier to your future. We all make mistakes. Without mistakes there is no way you can learn or make positive changes. If you are always right and do everything perfectly then you have no reason to get out of bed. Isn't that sad? So you cannot allow mistakes to define who you are.

3 Ways to Benefit from a Mistake

Remind yourself every time you make a mistake to ask yourself these three questions.

  1. What did I learn?

       2. What can I do differently next time?

       3. How did this make me better as a person?

Once you get your answers you will see your lessons clearly and your Soul will have fuel to keep on growing.

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  1. This is absolutely amazing! I made the mistake of arguing with my sister yesterday, when if I stopped just long enough to think, the argument itself was futile and robbed me of my inner peace. I am thinking back now on what I've learned, and that is, don't argue with a brick wall, that's CRAZY! I know now what I can do differently in the instance that this argument visits, listen, nod, okay, and walk away. Everyone has their opinions, unfortunately, most everyone thinks their opinion is the "right way" and any other is the "wrong way." We all know what can be said about opinions. Lastly, in asking myself, "how did this mistake make me a better person," I am not entirely sure, I will only guess that it made me realize that I cannot argue with someone only armed with opinions, rather than even an ounce of fact. Period.

  2. Thank you for validating my blog. I am glad you took the time to read it. In time you when understand how this mistake will benefit you.

    I hope you read more of my blogs and learn more.

    Blessings Dr Bill


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