Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why Mind Code Rule Thoughts - Video

Let me ask you some questions. 

Why are you not living your passion?

Why are you not doing the work you truly love?

Why are you not loving yourself?

Why are you not having what you want?

Why are you not living your dream?

Do you know? Is it possible that the reason is you do not believe in yourself? In fact do you believe others are more capable, smarter and deserving than you ? 

Maybe the answer to all of the above "why your are not" questions is the result of bad mind code? Very possible.

Understanding what mind code is and how it works

Everyone who has a computer is somewhat knowledgeable of "source code" Source code is the code that runs a computer in the background such as all the prettiness it produces from websites, pictures, word documents and so on. Basically it is the instructions of how the computer is to perform. If the code is written  bad then the computer does not work as it should. A virus or one small symbol change in all the pages of source code can ruin the whole computer. If you have ever experienced "blue screened of death" it is because there is an error in the operating system source code. A operating system source code error is also known as "bad code". Generally once that happens then it is off to the store to buy a new computer. 

Well the brain is the same way. The brain has two types of code to operate a whole human, innate code and mind code.  Both types of code are written and embedded without your knowledge. 

One from the time of conception and the other as your life unfolds. Both are undetectable to your conscious mind because they are embedded deep within your subconscious mind.

Innate Code

First human code is innate code. Innate coding is procedural instructions built into a human's DNA for how the body will work automatically. Innate code controls heartbeat, blood pressure, respiration, pulse, digestion and much more. 

Mind Code

Mind code or "event coding" determines how the mind will respond to life (think, feel, act and reaction). Event coding is procedural instructions or messages formed about self as a result of the experiences events.  So how is the mind code detected?

Recognizing Mind Code

"Core beliefs are your windows to your mind code"

There is a way to recognize and view a person's mind code. It is possible through a person's core beliefs. 

Core beliefs are the messages or procedural instructions formed by the person about the person during each life event experienced throughout a lifetime. So what does that all mean? If the core beliefs are negative then how a person thinks, feels, acts and reacts is negative. On the other hand if the core beliefs are positive then influence on the same will be positive. Of course there is no true negative core beliefs or positive ones you say. You are correct. But it is the balance of percentage of positive versus negative. Once core beliefs are made visible and based on the flavor or  inference of  those core beliefs then it is only one small step to understanding the nature of the mind code.

 Importantly, if  the majority of core beliefs are negative then thoughts and feels toward self will cause a person to be self defeating, self limiting, and or self punishing.

Another point is that core beliefs are the reflection of the person's mind code. The core beliefs can be motivators or barriers to getting what is wanted or achieving happiness or success.

So what can be done?
Discover the nature of your mind code, learn to shift it and your life will be whatever you want.
How do you do that? 

I am about to launch a groundbreaking mindcodearchitecture© self help product which can help anyone recognize his or her core beliefs, identify whether the embedded core beliefs generated from the mind code are motivators or barriers, positive or negative, create new core beliefs, shift what is not want and  radically change his or her Personal Philosophy.
Discover your mind's code that governs how you think, act, feel and react by watching this Mini Lecture on What is Mind Code? 

Start discovering your own mind code by experiencing the 



  1. Watching, waiting and anticipating the positive results.....with a open mind and belief in myself!

    1. Sharon - Thank you for your comment. Recognizing and identifying your core beliefs are the initial steps to change. Keep seeking change.

    2. I am, my thinking at this time, slips up....most of the time I realize it and react positively...can't wait to face my core beliefs positively.

    3. Sharon - Start making a list of your core beliefs as you find them out. Once done you can determine which are helpful and motivating and which are barriers.
      Thank you your comment.


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